Rowene Weems

We are delighted to introduce our new Artist Watch editor, Rowene Weems, with a bit of her own photography! And we thank Maureen Doallas, our past Artist Watch editor, for all her fine work here at EIL, and the grand array of artists she brought us. A fond farewell to Maureen, and best wishes on her new adventures, and a grateful hello to Rowene Weems! We look forward to all that happens next!

When Spring Appears

Reaching for Spring II

Willwood Dreams

Touching Fall

Dreaming in Pink

Artist Statement

I am not interested in shooting new things. I am interested to see things anew. –– Ernst Haas, photographer, 1921-1986​

This is my mantra. My camera is an extension of my body–it is a dynamic tool that heightens my senses, furthers artistic exploration and allows continuous experimentation. It is through the lens that I gain a deeper connection with the world, nature and people. 

Decades of work explore many layers of subject matter and styles. My heart beats fast when I see a flow of lines in a landscape or an expression in the eyes of a stranger or a graceful design within puddle of water. Two current series focus on mystery and abstraction.  They reflect my lifelong attraction to the impressionist painters and the partially rendered sketches of the masters. My new images explore the tension between the tangible, the eternal and the ephemeral. Through an impressionistic style with intentional camera motion or by creating textures within botanical images, I hope to move the viewer to feel the energy and poetry of a captured moment, unencumbered by preconceived realities.

About the Artist

Rowene Weems, fine art photographer and retired museum curator, was given her first camera at age twelve. Over the forty years, her images have been part of numerous exhibits and online competitions across the country,  including New York Center for Photographic Art, Santa Fe Photography Workshop, NYC Limner Gallery, Fort Collins Center for Fine Art Photography, Nicolaysen Art Museum, and Minneapolis Praxis Gallery. Weems received a BA in Fine Arts from Kenyon College, with additional artistic study at Boston Museum School, the University of Colorado, Santa Fe Photography Workshops, and Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Her published work includes Princeton Press: Tippet Rise Art Center, Architectural Digest, ICM Photography Magazine as featured artist and most recently, Poetry East cover image. 

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