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Artist Bio

Rory Kurtz has been illustrating since he was old enough to hold a crayon. Self-taught and focusing in pencil, ink, and digital paint, Rory has carved out his niche as a unique voice in the illustration community. Working with digital media allows his paintings a greater amount of versatility, and faster production time, which makes all the difference when meeting deadlines. His influences are spread out across the respective wolds of literature, fashion, art, film, & music. His work isn’t necessarily easy to define, as he tends to shift from one style to the next and back again as fits the assignment, but the individual pieces seem unified by a shared sense of fantasy in a modern reality.

Rory Kurtz’s Illustration Website

Rory Kurtz’s Photography Website

 Rory Kurtz Interview on EIL

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  2. Goosegma says:

    Wow!!! Rory Kurtz – how proud I am to be part of your past – a teacher from O.L.S. Pat Ganzer

  3. Alex says:

    Is that third one down from Let the Right One In? These are wonderful!

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