Roberto Peluce

About his Work:

And the world was made fresh with “Sir Realism.” Robert Peluce was an artist unlimited by subject matter, materials or medium. With a fanciful imagination and well-crafted technique, he had an exceptional ability to blend the antics of animation with the sophistications of fine art.

For Peluce, life’s foibles and contradictions were subjects for illumination through sight gags and puns that expressed the seriousness of play and the tragedy of humor. For what we would consider ordinary and take for granted, Peluce would command our attention by subtly nudging our sensibilities, drawing us into a world of relationships, and focusing on our perceptions of the world. We can no longer hide behind the masks of normality or take lightly our mundane actions. Peluce sees to it that we become aware of life’s absurdities and the dangers of taking it all too seriously.

Considered an “artist’s artist,” Robert Peluce was inspirational to many of his peers for whom his influence will be sorely missed.  — Chuck Feesago, Curator

Roberto Peluce’s Website

Roberto Peluce at Glass Garage Fine Art Gallery

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