Roberto Calbucci

Fascinating pseudo-scientific drawings by Roberto Calbucci, an artist and virtual designer from Italy, who is currently living in Tokyo. He uses a variety of tools to create these works, ranging from ink, pencil, oil pastel, oil color, gouache, rapidograph, spray glue, and airbrush.

The eccentric presentation of these images on the artist’s portfolio Tumblr is striking and odd. The works are presented as studies; for example, the above work is entitled The Condition Can Be Expressed in the Form, and he writes, “study of idea for the project (in incubation) for internal motion n°2” and “the object/or surrounding/of the area must being observed”.

Also on the artist’s Tumblr, we find animated gifs and short videos. The gifs display blips and frequencies, vibrating dotted lines, or a hammer smashing a balloon on a piece of cardboard. With the culmination of the animated gifs and these curious works on paper, a sense of artist’s world is conjured up. I’m tempted to think of Calbucci as a sort of mad scientist, graphing dimensions of alternate universes.

Roberto Calbucci’s Tumblr

Thanks to DesignisKinky for discovering this artist!

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