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Artist Bio:

What answer I should give if somebody ask me where I live? I should answer that my home country is Germany. But actually I do not know my home country much as I stay from 12 months only one month in my home country.

As for now I stay in incredible India. I am a traveler! After 16 years traveling my view for this world changes and I become a simple man. All achievements in the modern world become nothing if you have the chance to feel the goodness and hospitality of the poor countries like India. From the less they have they give you with a smile and happiness from there heart.

The people I meet in Russia and India are not poor. They are reach! Reach on a good heart and friendliness and the spoken words counts more as a contract. I learned the meaning of friendship. I learned that the given smile from the one you helped is so much more worth than any money in the world and that friendship you cannot buy and should carry with all honor.

My camera is my entourage and captures some moments on my travels.

I am buddhist! My profession is building steel production plants! My passion is photography! (Street Photographers)

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