Robert Hardgrave

Artist Bio

A self-developed artist, Robert Hardgrave, creates work both highly intricate and abundant with personal symbols. Inspired by experiences from disease and recovery, his paintings and drawings reflect ideas of reincarnation and the richness of life beyond death. A Seattle resident for the past 16 years, Robert has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been published in several books and magazines. (bio)

Artist Statement

My goal as a painter is to produce phantasmagoric figures, existing in painterly environments, built from basic, expressive mark making and complex shapes, organically constructed, to portray ideas about reincarnation and the richness of life after death. As a result from being a person living a vibrant life with the gift of an organ transplant, my work chronicles this ongoing experience with it’s many lessons and limitations, often times unbeknownst to me until later reflection. When a new work is begun there is never an overall plan or formula, but by allowing materials to do what they do, constant practice of hand eye coordination and a dedication to uncovering something new, my painting process unfolds in an exciting and surprising manner.

Robert Hardgrave’s Website

Robert Hardgrave at the Joshua Liner Gallery

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