Rithika Merchant

Artist Statement

I use painting as a means of telling whimsical stories which are inspired by experiences from my childhood and my present life. I explore themes of personification and anthropomorphism, where animals embody human attributes; be it in bodily form, or the environment they are placed in.

I am interested in the patterns made by the placement or overlaying of shapes together and the way the individual pieces fit together to form a picture -much like putting a puzzle together. My paintings depict scenes from my own internal, personal folklore. They are filled with creatures from my imagination, who come together to represent my beliefs and ideology.

My “Exhumed Books ” involve the modification of used books. I am interested in selectively removing and revealing the content to create something new.

The things I create stem from the internal dialogues I have with myself.

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  1. Amanjika says:

    amazing…like childhood fantasies

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