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Artist Bio

Ricardo de Magalhães was born in Porto, Portugal, in 1974. He started drawing (on his parents house halls) when he was one year old and hasn’t stopped since. He attended Equipment Design, and in the millennium breakthrough AEIOU, one of the biggest internet portals in Portugal, invited him to draw cartoon strips which were exposed daily at the portal front page. He joined RicardoPadua.com in 2004 where he works as an illustrator in several projects, and you can find him in the booklet of Rui Reininho (one of the greatest singers in Portugal ) debut album. Ricardo was also commissioned several times to illustrate children bedroom walls…

Ricardo de Magalhães’ Website

4 responses to “Ricardo de Magalhaes”

  1. helio says:

    muito bom.

  2. Catarina Rodrigues says:

    Muitos parabéns Ricardo, Gostei muito!!
    continua, tens imenso jeito! :))

  3. Ricomahal says:

    genial ricardo…

  4. EIL says:

    ¡Gracias! Gran imaginación.

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