Raquel Aparicio

Artist Bio

I was born in Ávila with my twin sister Sae 24 years ago. After spending a few years in Edinburgh I came back to Spain to study illustration and also attended one year of the illustration Academy in Florida. I am still deciding where I want to live.

In 2006 I started illustrating as a pro working for magazines, books and advertising.

For a while I taught a collage illustration workshop at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

I work in a variety of media exploring diferent styles, producing illustrations, animations and comics. The results have been selected in several juried competitions: Communication Arts, American illustration,Society of Illustrators 50, Illustration West 45, Injuve 2009, CineJoven 2006, Opel Corsa Animate 2006.

I love reading, cats, creepy animation movies and Raúl Allen.

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3 responses to “Raquel Aparicio”

  1. Iara Almeida says:

    loved it all! you're great

  2. z says:

    love all

  3. MistyAmelia says:

    Beautiful I especially love the one with the zebra ( not on this site) at school we were told to do short bibliographal notes on one of your favourite inspirations and I have been inspired by you for a rather long time so I picked you.

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