Rafal Olbinski

What Others are Saying:

Known for his lyrical surrealistic imagery in Poland, where surrealism is not merely an artistic conceit but a visual language, Olbinski has imbued his work with a distinct metaphoric structure while at the same time his paintings exhibit the representational virtuosity of the nineteenth century American painters Thomas Eakins and Robert Henri.

Rafal Olbinski proves that although as a medium it may have one foot in the past, it¥s other is firmly placed in the present, if not the future.  – Steve Heller, A Senior Art Director of The New York Times

Poetic humor is a quality rarely found in the fine arts. Rafal Olbinski has this gift. He wants to show us that our imagination is a magical world which we are recreating forever. He draws us into a different universe, and forces us to use our eyes to participate in a marvelous world which is the true dimension of dreams. – Andre Parinaud, President, Salon International De L’Affiche Et Des Arts De La Rue, Paris

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