Princess Mia

About The Artist

Princess M is a self taught freelance artist based in California,who specializes in portraits and abstract illustrations. The concept of her artwork comes from emotions,feelings and stories and giving it a human form. She wants to give a different concept to the idea of understanding people and what they have to say by giving each emotion and feeling a visual interpretation.Her work ranges from strange human portraits dripping watercolor to surreal like dark creatures and illustrations.She sells her work as original art pieces,art prints and aceos (artist trading cards)

Her passion for artwork dated back to the young age of 5.She experimented with different forms of art such as anime and graffiti when she decided to create a style of her own.Around November of 2011 she started to exhibit and showcase her work online to different websites and social networks.She also has worked with online magazines,record companies and indie musicians.

Princess Mia’s Website

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