Phillip Schumacher


the Deluge



catch the train

a birds home

don’t put me in a box

the human clockwork

Artist Statement:

My Name is Phillip Schumacher but you can call me Pipo. I live in Duisburg, Germany.
I felt in love with photography back in 2009. Some of you might call me an editor but I hope all of you call me a crazy mind. I love to create surreal  and magical pictures. But don’t think I am not able to take some good portraits. I work with a Cannon eos 550D and Olympus e-420.

From Interview:

When did you first become interested in taking on the challenge of The 365 Project?

I really wanted a challenge; I wanted to know if this project would change my photography. Of course, I really was inspired by the 365 of other artist on flickr like Lissy Elles or Alex Stoddard. I thought about starting months ago, but I kept thinking, “This year (2011) is your chance to start something new.” so I did.

In what ways has The 365 Project influenced the progression of your work?

This project keeps pushing me to create better pictures, to progress, to learn, to be patient with myself. I think every day I explore something new and that helps me and my pictures to progress. (The Studio Chronicle)

Phillip Schumacher’s Website

Phillip Schumacher’s Flickr

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