Petra Borner

Artist Bio

Petra Borner is a Swedish artist and Illustrator based in London since 1994.

From Interview:

When and how did you get started on your chosen career?

I have always been interested in art and crafts and used to make my own clothes and draw as a child. My mum and my aunts are all very interested in hand-craft and we’d spend summers making things by dying fabrics and yarn, sewing and weaving. I started to work as an illustrator and animator after A-levels, but decided to go to London to study fashion design at Central St Martins College of art. I was working within the fashion industry and also I had my own label, Rosetta, for three years after graduating. Since 2004 though I work as an illustrator/artist after making the decision to stop the label as my heart is in illustration and art rather than fashion.

What keeps you motivated?

Using varied tools, working with a great mix of products, having a good balance between developing my own personal work and interacting and collaborating with companies or other artists. Having a goal to work towards and having time off to see inspiring things. Tasty food and nice tea or coffee times with friends. (Crafty Synergy)

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