Peter Howson

About the Artist:

Peter Howson has faced many opponents in his life, not least the inner demons that drove him into battles with alcoholism and addiction – adversaries he overcame through a well-documented turn to faith. Whilst these obstacles were far from imagined, they went towards informing a rich artistic imagery that owes as much to psychic struggles as it does to secular experience.

Howson’s work evokes a sense of the epic in its appeal to a grand scale, whether through the colossal size of the works themselves, the cast of characters they depict – gargantuan bodied, sinewy limbed – or their religious overtures. On closer reading, however, it becomes apparent that the works are also attuned to the intimate minutiae of human existence: details of the artist’s familial and spiritual relationships punctuate his visual parables. It seems fitting to deduce that Howson aspires to be a storyteller rather than a prophet, and that his artistic heroism is of the unequivocally quixotic kind.

Peter Howson at Flowers Gallery

More Works by Howson (Paintings)

4 responses to “Peter Howson”

  1. These are beautiful!

  2. Kevvbarrett says:

    Leonardo’s sketchbook.

  3. Chris Lawrance says:

    Some of the finest pencil line work ever made. They help you see the angst in the faces! Wonderful diversity of line quality and shading techniques. remarkable work.

  4. Robert Rose says:

    Absolutely incredibly engrossing! I am drawn into the subject’s moment of existence….more so than any photo (even a b/w photo) could ever accomplish. Mr Howson’s technique is passionate!

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