Paul Jackson

Artist Bio

Many Australians will be familiar with Paul’s work through the annual Archibald Prize for Portraiture at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. He has been a finalist on many occasions and was awarded the People’s Choice award three times. In 2009 his portrait of the comedian Paul Livingston (aka Flacco) won the Art Gallery of New
South Wales’s Packer’s Prize. Paul’s paintings present a distorted realism, utilising his considerable skills in precision painting and grisaille technique to depict imagined subjects. He uses symbolism and historical referencing to express wider concepts, such as his concern for the land and customary rights of Maori and the history of human interaction in New Zealand.

Paul Jackson was born in Auckland in 1950. He migrated to Australia in 1976 where he has lived and painted for 34 years and exhibits in both Australia and New Zealand.

Paul Jackson at the Boutwell Draper Gallery