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Artist Statement

HELLO!!! My name is Pablo and “Holaskate” is the name for my art/creative/design project. Here you will find the pieces that I have been working on in different techniques, such as pictures, illustrations, skate decks designs and many other jobs. My pieces of work are inspired and based on a wide variety of places, and I tend to start my work by experimenting with manual processes such as painting, drawing and paper work (folding and cutting), before designing the final image digitally. The first motivation of this project is to transform my ideas into things by means of my professional activity.

Pablo López’ Website

Pablo López on Flickr

2 responses to “Pablo Lopez”

  1. Estefani Pedraza says:

    Your work is absolutely amazing!!! i had no idea you were an artist i love this

  2. wow i can't to see it

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