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Alsatian Darn, screen cap

Summer war



Gin9er treeeee




About The Artist

Ori Toor does illustration, animation and general doodling’s in order to keep sane. He likes using colored pencils, pens, and broken lava lamps in his drawings. Ori is currently free to do commissions and freelance work.

Earlier this year Toor participated in “Project Palazzo” where “two illustrators and one Sociology major moved into a slowly crumbling two story private house in the nice part of Tel Aviv. For four months long they have painted, drawn and written all over the walls while documenting the process. Then there was a big ass art exhibition, and now nothing is left but pictures, videos, and the sweet memories of good times.”

Toor’s recent project, ‘Alsatian Darn’ was inspired by the song ‘Panda Bear’ taken from the Tomboy album. The following interview is based on ‘Alsatian Darn’ among other music videos Toor made.

Artist Interveiw

When I make a video it’s always me paying homage to the music. Without thinking about it too much, I create visuals and see if they fit a piece of music I’m obsessing about at the moment. I’m fascinated by the effect music and moving visuals have on the brain when combined. One of my favorite things to do is riding a bike or taking a bus with my headphones on and seeing how the environment meshes with the beat. I guess my animation (or any animation) would be naked without sound. Music alone can stand for itself. A music video is sharing your personal interpretation of the sound. My videos without sound are less than half-finished. (Portable.tv)


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