Ori Gersht

Artist Bio

Gersht’s photographic process uniquely incorporates specific environmental conditions with an awareness of memory, experience, and embedded history. There is a defined relationship of this in how the photographic medium is engaged. With an understanding of the chemical and physical limitations of film, of which Gersht is never shy to push the boundaries of, that often turns out to be a more dimensional and resonant vehicle for portraying a mechanism of meaning through the imprint of time, light, and phenomena that perhaps expose the capacity and limitations of human memory as well.

Where Gersht’s work has often been an exploration of his personal origins, it is always through his departures into new and sometimes revisited landscapes where, along the way, are found the means and conditions of making his images. At times the passing motion of a train window’s vantage or the evaporating dew on the camera lens, there is always a specific notion of how these places were encountered and how the resulting pictures of them come to be, not in the mere passivity of the camera’s frame, but with a physical engagement with the place and its conditions.

Ori Gersht was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1967. He now lives and works in London. (bio)

Ori Gersht at CRG Gallery

Ori Gersht at Angles Gallery

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  1. Matthew Riva says:

    Great work. Was blown away by the canoe and mountain shot.

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