Nicholas Bohac

Stripped, Acrylic, ink, spray paint, Casein & Collage on Canvas mounted over Wood Panel, 32″ x 47″

Color field Mountain Runoff, Acrylic, Ink, Spraypaint, Copper Leaf & Collage on Canvas40″x40″

Minutes and the Months, Acrylic, Ink & Collage on Canvas, 60″ x 90″

Roller Iceberg, Acrylic, Ink and Collage on Canvas, 36″x36″

The Mandelbrot Range, Acrylic, Ink, Carbon Prints & Collage on Canvas Mounted over Wood Panel, 16″x 24″

The Narcissist, Acrylic, Ink, Spraypaint & Collage on Canvas, 36″x54″

The Norsemen Returneth, Acrylic, Ink, Oil, Casein & Collage on Canvas mounted over Wood Panel, 24″x24″


My name is Nicholas Bohac and I live & work in the beautiful Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, California with my beautiful wife, Kimberly, and our two cats. I work both with printmaking methods as well as acrylic based media to create two-dimensional paintings & drawings that deal with the ecological climate that we live in today.

Artist Statement

My current series of work aims to create fantastical landscapes that fuse the natural world to the human world. Historic metaphors and current events blend with ideas of science to create a cohesive image. Important in the work is the use of repetition and pattern that mimics that fractal nature of the world around us. I aim to take the ordinary and juxtapose it against the phenomenal and extraordinary. Humanity has a hand in impacting nature. The question is whether we drive and control nature or if nature, in turn, controls us.

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  1. Love this work by Nicholas Bohac – powerful and beautiful imagined landscapes exploring humanity’s impact on nature.

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