Nathan Manire

Seinfeld Print

skateboard artwork (personal project) 

clothing (personal project)

Mary Ellen, (2010), watercolor, 18 x 22 in

Thom Yorke, (2008), pen and marker, 12 x 19 in

Experimental Dot Portraits, (2011) (detail)

Experimental Dot Portraits (2011)

Experimental Dot Portrait, (2011) (detail)

Experimental Dot Portrait, (2011)

Artist Statement

I am an Illustrator and Designer originally from Detroit, MI now living in New York. By day I work as a Designer for a large corporation and in my free time I work as an Illustrator for clients. I really like trying new styles of work and experimenting with different materials and subjects. In my free time I like to skateboard, collect street art and wander around the city with my camera.

Nathan Manire

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