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Artist Statement

I believe that is not an easy task to talk about myself, however, attempt to tell a little story that I have great passion for the work I have been developing with great joy and dedication.
Well there I go, my name is Fernanda Correa, I am 27 years old, very well experienced in Madureira, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro.

My love for art began to show signs while still a child and this time my parents were key components, supported me and offered me support to dive in this universe increasingly intense and passionate.
Years passed and the time to choose which way to go in college, I had many doubts but the heart spoke louder and decides to study architecture.And as I was a dreamer, believing he could help change the world or just improve it a bit, I’m an Architect and Urban Planner formed by the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF.

Even loving architecture was me realizing that the projects required large investments, which for most in our country it becomes almost impossible.
So, I saw these simple bags, shirts, shoes…The dream appear again and even stronger.These are all my creations pure and true feeling, it was through this art or craft for that so called, which initially found to lead to all positive messages and cheerful, using principally the beautiful flowers and their meanings.The Atelier Kammi also joined the idea of ​​unique pieces and full of meanings used in bags and shirts, to also defend and uphold the banner using recycled and refurbished parts.

Allowing my dream to take me in new directions, the winds blew and currently work as a freelance illustrator, and commissioned the work, develop a series of illustrations that make it evident PEOPLE my great passion for color, poetry, nature and admiration for its beauty!!!!!

This new stage of Kammi Atelier is certainly the realization of a dream, to do good combining my knowledge in painting, drawing, architecture and interior design with simplicity, planting in the minds and hearts of every one who can guarantee a better world for future generations.

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    lovely, very talented artist

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