Mya Kerner

A commentary on willingness

there are always strings…

Compiled , 2011, wood and concrete, 7 x 27 x 30 in.

kept knocking , 2010, wood and concrete, 9 x 13 x 59 in.

Split, 2010, wood, 1.5 x 6 x 20 in.

the way we fit , 2010, wood and concrete, 4 x 4.5 x 13 in.

 equals life together , 2010, bronze and weed and concrete, 6 x 11 x 35 in.

An oscillation

Artist Statement 

I perceive the universe as a vast web which flows through individual, vibrating points seeking oneness. Structure relies on the formation of connections between these points. Therefore, a purpose of belonging promotes attraction through the cosmos, and, with every movement, being radiates outward, affecting all other points in the web. As humans, we draw significance from these connections as we seek to define our own being.

This is my departure.

Moments of tangible correlation kindle my inspiration. Beginning with collected fragments, I explore their conversation and assist in a manifestation of belonging. Chance is a necessary consideration in my process; the materials move according to themselves, and, I am left with an artifact of their dance. This dance yields a transcendence of materiality as individuality becomes irrelevant.

I attempt the evocation of the sublime by defining relationships and passing through boundaries and shifts in scale, ultimately, stimulating the energy which flows simultaneously inside and outside ourselves.

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