Mike Lay

From Interview:

At which age did you start creating art? And why do you feel compelled to create?

Really young but really not. I don’t know. I mean all kids draw pictures… It’s not really until you get to like 12 that you start to try and live up to other people expectations and get frustrated and stop. So I guess I started at like 17. I heard a Sunny Day Real Estate song and everything kind of clicked. So unclever but true.

I think its a bad habit at this point. Before that it was trying to not just be a consumer. I mean like, back in the old days (or so I’m told), people would hang out and play the piano and sing along with each other. Now we just turn on the radio or play a song we downloaded. It was about participating I guess. Make something. Even if it wasn’t great. At least I wasn’t just waiting for someone else to do something to entertain me. (read more)

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