Mike Egan

Artist Statement

My paintings are created using acrylic paint, shellac and sandpaper and are made on wood panels and stretched canvases.

The subject matter in my work tends to deal with life, death and religion. I’ve been working in funeral homes for the last five years and I’ve become quite familiar with all three subjects. Through funerals we tend to celebrate not only someone dying but we also celebrate that persons life. Through religion we hope that our loved ones are in a better place, that they are not suffering anymore.

My inspiration comes from many different sources: The German Expressionists, stained glass windows, Halloween, Southern folk art, funeral homes, horror films, music, lowbrow/outsider art, Religious icons, etc.

I am always adding and subtracting ideas and colors to my work to make each painting have it’s own story. I like to think that each painting is in some way a good bye to somebody who passed away. A funeral portrait.

Mike Egan’s Website

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