Mikael Kennedy

Mikael Kennedy is a Brooklyn based photographer… who is very rarely in Brooklyn. He prefers to wander, and luckily for us, he takes his camera with him when he goes. He has been featured on Escape Into Life before, but I couldn’t control myself. Later this week {on Thursday the 30th at 6pm to be exact}, his new show, “Pieces of the Moon”, opens in Vancouver at Catalog Gallery… and it was curated by me! Yep, I am absolutely thrilled to be involved with this project! The photographs in this show are 50 of the 500 images that made up his solo show in New York last October, titled “Shoot the Moon”. I’d looked at that series so many times, but what stood out to me were the women. There is an undeniable intimacy in each image, revealing an obvious closeness to the subject – however, to the viewer, the details still remain vague. Were these friends, lovers, strangers, or all of the above? The images are titled with the name of the woman, the location of the photo, and the year, leaving it completely up to the viewer to piece these relationships, friendships, and chance meetings together. These are the women that have shaped Mikael Kennedy’s life over the past decade – and they are beautiful.

Mikael Kennedy’s site

“Pieces of the Moon” facebook event page

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