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Artist Statement

I’ve always drawn and filled sketchbooks but I didn’t take care of it. A sketchbook could be finished in 2 or 3 years. I don’t remember how I started to work on advertising and graphic design but sure it was a slip from drawing. Then some years ago I left Madrid to a little town near Bologna in Italy and this unexpected “shake” put all things on their place. I don’t remember how I started to work again on illustration but sure I had needed to leave my country to find my way back home.

Drawing all day for a living on a graphic tablet made me need the touch of paper and so my sketches became more and more frequent, I started to finish my sketchbooks more and more quickly, I opened a blog to let people see what I was making, I started to search for other people sketching… and I found them!

That little amount of binded paper in my bag is now an eye to look out, a mouth to talk and to shout, a door to escape and go far away, but even to turn back and look inside. (Urban Sketchers)

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