Michelle Wasson

Artist Bio

Michelle Wasson is an artist based in Chicago. Since receiving her MFA from Washington University in 2001, she has exhibited her paintings, collages and installations widely. Wasson is currently working on a new series of paintings, Growth Habits.

Artist Statement

This work proposes a non-linear excursion through a network of interdependent scenes. Arching pathways connect landscapes consisting of flora and unconventional architecture. Visual cues suggest the possibility of entering further dimensions, with each painting granting a context and a proposition for its neighboring realm. The absence of inhabitants invites viewers to freely enter imaginary, screen-like portals – perhaps to the subconscious, a cyber landscape, or cartoon superhero territory.

Drawing from traditional painting practice and the use of graphic applications, I marry the thickness and physicality of paint with the infra-thin, groomed territory of the digital. The dialogue between ancient practice and advanced technology creates incongruous realms, both historic and futuristic. Linking human and digital memory, this process becomes the passport to endlessly voyage the continuum between infinite worlds of serene utopia and eerily ominous rapture.

Michelle Wasson’s Website

Michelle Wasson at the Linda Warren Gallery

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