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Artist Bio

Merijn Hos (1978, Enschede, NL) who is also known under his alias Bfree, is an Artist and Illustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands. He graduated in 2004 from the Utrecht School of Visual Arts with a B.F.A in Illustration.

Since then he divides his time working 50 percent as an Illustrator working on commercial projects while the other 50 percent of his time is dedicated to his own projects such as exhibitions and independent publishing.

The main characteristics in his work are at first sight long-legged characters with high-heel shoes and big hairdo and freckles, a lot of colours and abstract psycadelic landscapes. But when it comes to content, you will find a lot of elements such as ghosts, life and death, friendly and cute expressions and hidden messages.

A lot of the work reflects on issues in todays society and everyday interaction between people in terms of escapism, organised confusion and friendship and loyalty.

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