Melanie Ford Wilson

Important things to know about Melanie Ford Wilson:

* I’m a designer and Illustrator living just outside of Toronto, Canada.
* I’m vertically challenged.
* I’m overly fond of flowery adjectives.
* I’m married to my very best friend in the whole wide world full stop. His name is John. It’s not a tremendously original name, so I like to fancy it up by adding inventive last names. Johnny Lunchbox and Johnny Rocket are my current favourites.
* I married him for many reasons, but prime among them is the fact that he is good at math, can reach all the stuff on the top shelves and he has no back hair. And he thinks I’m adorable. I think he’s smashing. Mostly.
* I’m so incredibly attached to my dog, Finnegan Jane, that I’m constantly stunned by the fact that she’s a different species and not in fact one of my furry-ier appendages.
* I work from home. It has its advantages.
* This is my second career. I used to write for a living (can you believe it?) I was once a newspaper reporter. I thought it would be all sexy, like All the President’s Men. I thought I would one day end up writing for Vanity Fair. It wasn’t and I didn’t.
* I am a horrific speller.

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