Mayumi Haryoto

 Big Wave, (2006)


Flew Away, (2008)

Soup For Soul, (2009)

Smoke, (2009)

 Memories, (2009)

Dream of Chopin, (2009)

 Fading Into Colors, (2009)

 Remain Behind, (2008)

Artist Bio

 She started working in the age of 18 and has worked since as Graphic Designer, 2D Pixel Animator, Art Director, Production Assistant, Assistant Director, even did a little Voice Over (you still can hear her voice sometimes in some local TV commercials)in some related fields from graphic house, game developer, advertising agencies, film productions, records label, even content provider. She finally (FINALLY! Something hit her slow stupid head!) made up her mind to live up her old dream to do what she mostly likes to do. From 2006 till now she has focusing on illustration as her career.

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