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Although not originally from the Midwest, Matthew currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. He describes being in a major city in the middle of the United States as “akin to living on island sparsely surrounded by other islands. There are only a handful of large cities around you with giant swaths of cornfields and rural landscapes to separate them. You can see urban squalor and shiny new gentrified developments, drive through suburban sprawl and into small-town Americana within an hour’s time.”

This, along with his background in painting, has been the largest impact on his work as a photographer. “While painting gave me a love for color and my understanding of composition, my surroundings have given me inspiration.”

Matthew manages to stay busy, whether it’s a video made for the band Monta at Odds — where 1,600 frames had to be hand painted and reinserted back into the timeline — album covers, photo shoots for various bands, or personal showings of his photography.

“I feel very fortunate that I always have a project to keep myself occupied and keep me from stagnation. If inspiration is lacking for any reason, I am always just a Saturday afternoon away from getting myself lost on a back road in the middle of nothing — finding creativity amongst the abandoned farm houses and long-standing trees.”

Matthew Naquin’s Projects:

Video I did for the Monta at Odds song Futile, off of their album FuocoInfernale.  Each frame of the video was removed, “painted” and then placed back into the time line.

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