Matt Wisniewski


Wisniewski’s Interview with Design Tonic:

What makes you tick creatively?

MW: I’m really inspired by any kind of beauty but I’ve mostly focused on things I have access to. Growing up I had little interest in fashion, architecture or a number of other things simply because I didn’t have much around me to experience. That’s changed recently but typically in the past I’ve been focused with work that’s easy to find and enjoy online like photography.

The way you layer imagery seems effortless, what is your process?

MW: Initially I take a number of portraits and textures I’d like to use and experiment with quick overlays. Once I find a combination that works I’ll expand on it. In terms of technical stuff the actual overlay is as simple as using lighten or multiply in Photoshop. Most of the work is deciding positioning and what parts of each image to show, cleaning things up and matching contrast. (Design Tonic)

Matt Wisniewski’s Website

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  1. Very interesting. Takes eyes on an interesting trip of texture and color. Honest and unpretentious.

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