Matheus Lopes

Manifesto, traditional art, mixed media

Building a galaxy, digital art, mixed media

Alternate ending, digital art, mixed media

Ace of Wands, digital art, mixed media

In Between, digital art, mixed media

A way out, digital art, mixed media

Suspense, digital art, mixed media

Thousand eyes, digital art, mixed media

About The Artist

Matheus Lopes is a young illustrator from Brazil. He has submitted his work to Threadless Tees receiving enough votes for his designs to be printed.

Matheus Lopes’s Website

Matheus Lopes’s Flickr

Matheus Lopes at Threadless Tees

120 responses to “Matheus Lopes”

  1. It’s just wonderfull. I adore it.  

  2. Vedette says:

    those illustrations look amazing.

  3. Surenough says:

    So beautiful ….

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  5. Paula Oakley says:

    love the composition ideas to these !

  6. Mcatkitty says:

    Draw it on the side of a building, and you’re halfway to Banksy

  7. Mcatkitty says:

    Draw it on the side of a building, and you’re halfway to Banksy

  8. wow i love this this is so ammazing it gives me rly good ideas for my own art

  9. Jkd303b says:

    Awesome !

  10. Donne Roma says:

    I love the “A way out” picture! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Britt says:

    building a galaxy is awesome

  12. Britt says:

    building a galaxy is awesome

  13. cnhadden1 says:


  14. vedette says:

    Oh my gosh, those paintings are so beautiful and inspiring. a pictures worth a million words 🙂

  15. Absolutely beautiful! 🙂

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  17. guest says:

    I think the “way out” picture is so talented and thought provoking. It was part of the Threadless sex slavery challenge and I wish it had won.

  18. Laura says:

    Manifesto is my favorite.

  19. EIL says:

    Thank you!

    Lopes is one of our most popular artists.

    Love your artwork as well, beautiful work!

  20. Darlene Johnson says:

    love it

  21. Matheus Vale says:

    Representando o Brasil! Parabéns Matheus Lopes!

  22. Msbayford says:

    these are amazing

  23. Matheus Vale says:

    Parabéns ao me chara Matheus Lopes por representar o Brasil tão bem! 

  24. EIL says:

    Parabéns a você!

  25. Mulinde says:

    it’s kinda hard trying to explain what you feel when you see beautiful art like this, but just wanna let you know that whatever this feeling is, it is good 🙂

  26. Whereiscatherinedowney says:

    thats cool

  27. Est Pieters says:

    amazing imagination

  28. Laknowlden13 says:

    Very stunning…I really like them.

  29. This is beautiful! Buy ALL the paintings!

  30. Brittanib1200 says:

    these are beautiful! i especially love, “In Between”…as he’s literally carrying the weight of the world on his back. 

  31. Daft Gadgets says:

     The one where the guy has a town on his back reminds me of when bender was God in Futurama

  32. Roopacnath says:

    beautiful painting

  33. Nice Work check this out

  34. Buttons says:

    I think the one with the town on his back is like he is being tortured by society and social conditioning. 

  35. Sasafrace says:


  36. Bean says:


  37. Amsedel says:

    These are all so amazing, I’ve saved almost every one into my picture files!

  38. Olivia says:

    These would make awesome shirts!

  39. Liked the peacock the most. 

  40. Jaspe H. says:

    wow, so amazing!

  41. Keith Irwin says:


  42. Ccortes742 says:


  43. Alectooo says:

    Shows the reason why I love art. <3

  44. Tala says:

    I’m Obsessed .
    And What Kind Of Paint Do You Use ? c:

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