Mary Elizabeth

Mrs Wentz, Graphite on paper

Dandelion, Graphite on Bristol Vellum 14″ X 14″

Amina, Pastel and Graphite on paper

Surreal Portrait, Colored Pencil

Untitled, Charcoal 11″ x 10″

Allure, Graphite on Paper

Danny, Pastel and Graphite on bristol vellum 11.25″ x 9.25″

commission, Graphite on paper

Artist Statement

I’m from Fernandina Beach. A small and little known island in North Florida that’s better known as Amelia Island. My early influences were cartoons and I originally aspired to be an animator. I spent two years at SCAD to do so but have since developed more of an interest in portraiture… probably as a result of my foundation studies in traditional media there. I work primarily in graphite and pastel and use mostly people I know as models.

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