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Turtle Bee

Tear Away Shrimp


For Judith



Call The Fish


Blue Hibiscus


Artist Bio

I knew I wanted to be an artist from a very early age and spent most of my youth drawing and creating. Life, however, happens while you’re making plans and the line from there to here was not a direct path. After two AA’s (advertising design & illustration)  and then a BS in Education (language arts & social studies) and a 13 year hiatus from art of any kind….I’m back to my first love…art. Time to catch up.

Artist Statement

“I draw purely from my subconscious. Guided by the muse my art comes from the depths of my psyche and as I’m too afraid to go poking around in there with a sharp stick, er…pencil, it seems safer to just let it spill out onto paper as it sees fit.

Currently what’s spilling out is circles. All manner of circles…gears, wheels, buttons, rings and springs…..metal things sometimes wrapped in living biology. A juxtaposition of  nature’s creations with humanity’s creations. The resulting artwork has surreal subject matter with a steampunk influence. Recently someone described my work as “elegantly demented”…..I kinda like that description”.

Tyra’s Use of Materials

“My drawings start with a graphite underdrawing which I ink over with Rapido-graph pens. Once the basic drawing is complete and fully inked I use small brushes (0 or 1) to lay in the ink wash. The final step is the application, if any, of watercolors. I use a limited color palette in order to limit the disruption to the bold impact that the black and white line art of the ink drawing presents. My drawings are done on a variety of drawing papers, watercolor papers, or illustration board”.

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