Maria Caleis

 D&G, Ricci and Castellane

 Excess for Lash

 Caviar and seafood

 Who? Hayón!

William Morris revisited

 Caleis V d castellane

Dalí Caleis

NYC Lamp

Caleis I.Scialanga jewelry

 About The Artist

Fashion and artwork go hand in hand and clearly, Maria Casais Leis has a keen eye for both. I love her use of colors and the facial expressions featured in the works, giving each piece a bit of attitude without overdoing it. The females themselves are stunning, beautiful and have an incredibly classy European look.
These Maria Caleis portraits are a perfect blend of art and fashion, making them a must-see for fans of both worlds. (Trend Hunter)

Maria Caleis’s Blog

Maria Caleis’s Flickr

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