Marek Wilinski

Artist Bio

Marek was born in Poland and trained as a surveyor but painting has always been his passion.

In 1981 he came to Australia and like many migrants worked in different fields before finally, being able to realize his dream of being a full time artist.

Throughout his painting career which spans more than ten years Marek’s popularity as a painter of women has grown considerably and is due in part to his ability to flatter women and produce images of languid elegance.

Mareks says “I love painting women, their shapes and their character.”

Usually this is expressed in his paintings by a very simple and striking composition – he places the figures centrally on the canvas and sets off the delicately observed flesh areas against flat areas of boldly coloured interiors or simplified backgrounds in which the women become the centre of focus as if there is a stage spotlight only on them.

Marek uses acrylics as his medium commenting “It is the perfect tool to express colour, which I consider to be the most fascinating aspect of art. It is the first thing that draws me to a painting. Women are full of colour and complexities -showing their moods openly, each of my paintings is a glimpse, if you like, of the theatre of life – of the many facets of women.”

More than ten million people saw his artwork featured during the Sydney Olympics, when AMP selected it for a major television advertising campaign. The commercial ran for two months and established Marek as an artist of quality with broad public appeal.

Marek Wilinski’s Website

Marek Wilinski at Manyung Gallery

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