Marci Cheary

Gouach on watercolor paper collaged onto wood, 48 x 36 in.

Gouache on watercolor paper detailed with graphite pencil, 22 x 30 in.

Gouache on watercolor paper, 16 x 20 in.

Gouache on water color paper, 14 x 14 in.

Gouache and carbon pencil on watercolor paper, 27 x 18 in.

Gouache and carbon pencil on watercolor paper, 19 x 29 in.

Hand painted wooden circles collaged onto wood, 24 x 30 in.

 Gouache and graphite on watercolor paper, 55.5 x 19.75 in.

About The Artist

Trained as a textile/surface pattern designer at the prestigious F.I.T. in New York City, Marci Cheary has developed a unique style by combining the techniques of surface design, with elements of classical floral and still life painting. “My work can be appreciated on many different levels. Bold outlines juxtaposed with intricate details mean that my compositions work as well close up as they do from afar” says Marci. Ms. Cheary’s approach is the product of an interesting and varied career. After graduating from FIT, she entered the textile industry and became a successful designer. Wanting to extend herself as an artist, she left textile design to start a couture lingerie line named ‘Jillian Sherry’. These beautiful hand-painted silk pieces received much accolade from the press and celebrity clients alike. In her quest to push her talents in a new direction, Marci began the transition from textiles into fine art. Replicating the gorgeous designs from her lingerie line, she created a series of silk prints that were featured in a number of galleries and home décor boutiques. After taking a brief hiatus to raise her twin girls, Ms. Cheary picked up her brush again. Her new focus has produced surface design inspired art that is graphic and bold, yet also delicate and stunningly detailed.

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Marci Cheary’s Website

6 responses to “Marci Cheary”

  1. Jean Lanning says:

    You are such a talented artist Marci!!! So happy for you that you are creating marvelous art again. We wish you success upon success!

  2. Jean Lanning says:

    We are so proud to have 4 pieces of your art hanging on our walls at home!

  3. Diane & David Biegelson says:

    Your work is gorgeous! We couldn’t be prouder–wishing you, a wonderful person and artist much success! Love, Diane & David

  4. David Nace says:

    So glad John and Jacque shared a link to this page on Facebook. As I also posted there, your work is wonderful and refreshing- thank you!

  5. Ditto, Glad Jacque shared the link with us on FB. Your work is BEAUITFUL!

  6. YAY Marci! We are thrilled for you. The world needs more passionate and dedicated artists such as yourself. Thanks for being an inspiration to many, and for showing the world your amazing talents!

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