M.A. Tateishi

 Beautiful Wall, mixed media with resin, 36 x 48 in.

About The Excavations Series

“By painting 10 to 20 layers of different paintings on thin paper upon panel, I create a visual history and then excavate it to see what lies beneath. Resin is the final coat that makes the underlying layers more visible.”

Pink is the Navy Blue of India, mixed media and resin on board, 36 x 48 in.

Cat’s Eye, mixed media with resin, 36 x 48 in.

About The Transparency Series

“I create these vibrant paintings using transparent colour, collage layers, paint and drawing on panel. I’m exploring the history of my painting process with each layer completely visible.”

Continental Drift, mixed media on panel, 36 x 36 in.

Hidden Fish, mixed media and resin on board, 24 x 24 in.

Spiral Joy, mixed media on panel, 36 x 36 in.

About The Half & Half Series

These paintings were developed using artifacts and photographs from the Japanese Canadian National Museum for a show in June 2010. They combine elements half of the past and half of the present, half of Japanese and half of Canadian culture.

Japantown Reimagined, mixed media with resin, 40 x 40 in.

Origami Kids, School, mixed media with resin, 40 x 40 in.

Artist Statement

When I look at art, I love to go right up and see traces of the artist. Juicy brushstrokes, thin lines of contrasting colour, drawings underneath. I like to think about how a painting or sculpture was made, how the artist created the art. When I paint, I like to show the original surface of the wood panel, and each layer that has gone on top of that. Transparent layers of coloured resin reveal the paint and drawing and collage underneath, and a final coat of clear resin makes the each layer more transparent and intensifies the colour. I think that a vibrant palette energizes the paintings and creates a positive mood. These paintings are meant to show what is underneath, what has gone on before. They show the passage of time and the evolution of ideas. The details revealed and hints of under painting will show that process of creating. And I hope that the work has enough mystery to reveal something new each time you look at it. (Wallace Galleries)

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