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Artist Bio

Luca Piccini was born in Florence in 1957 and lives and works here. He has cultivated his love for painting since childhood, arriving in recent years to consolidate his particular style that led him to exhibit in some solo and group exhibitions.

Besides the passion for painting, he is attracted to all expressions of thought and creativity: literature, philosophy, music, science, also, love for the countries of the Near East and their ancient civilizations and cultures, will gradually become part of his creative process, and will manifest in his works.

Luca Piccini unable is to paint without using scissors, glue and, of course, its brushes and the colors. Sometimes, scissors and glue are just imaginary. The scissors cut out the memory of a journey, a sentence read in a book long ago and we remember almost by accident, a piece of music that evokes images captured walking east through the narrow streets of the medina and the glue ideally combines the result of this sampling process. Other times, scissors and glue really work: an ancient navigational chart, a print of old whalers, a stamp that celebrates the first polar exploration, join suggestions figures reminiscent of Melville or Conrad. Everything is set by the design and colors to represent on canvas a character, place, a story.

Each work can thus be viewed as a hotchpotch of the page where you collect notes, ideas, stories just mentioned, all while maintaining the taste for lightness that must always accompany and distinguish the thought.

Luca Piccini’s Website

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