Luca Cruzat

EIL 1 Dressed IMG_4238
Dressed to Comply, collagraph, color pencil, ed. unique, 42″ x 25″, 2016

EIL 2 Birthday
, collagraph and screenprint, ed. unique, 22″ x  30″, 2016

getPart (2)
Don’t say that, don’t do that, and don’t touch that!
, collagraph and screenprint, ed. 1/2, 30″ x 22″, 2016

EIL 4 Antipodal me IMG_4232
Antipodal Me
, collagraph and screenprint, ed. 1/2, 25″ x 42″, 2016

EIL 5 Protrayal IMG_3556
Portrayal of a Woman
, collagraph, color pencil, ed. 1/2, 42″ x 25″, 2016

EIL 6 Pigeon vole 4368
Pigeon Vole
, collagraph and screenprint, ed. 1/2, 42″ x 25″, 2016

EIL 7 crikckets grasshoppers4386
Crickets, Grasshoppers and Salamanders, collagraph and screenprint, ed. unique, 25″ x 42″, 2016

EIL 8 School Bound _4390
School Bound
, collagraph and screenprint, ed. unique, 25″ x 42″, 2016

Artist Statement

A found box of garments for a child, aged three months to eight years, that an unknown mother kept is the inspiration for this group of recent works. The garments suggest to me a portrait of a girl growing up, which is a universal, as well as very personal, process. I saw myself in these clothes. I found that the resulting prints were a reflection of “us” women, and comment on fragmented political, ethical, and social issues. Clothes talk about us and about society.

Process Note

Collagraph is the printmaking technique chosen for this group of images. The plate is constructed using fabric combined with screenprint and color pencil. This unconventional and flexible plate has many marks, and some invisible marks on the surface of the plate come alive in the prints, giving them an added aura.

About the Artist

Luca Cruzat, a Chilean-born printmaker, received her masters degree in fine arts in 2006 from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Since then, she has been fully engaged in her work, exhibiting in the United States and abroad.

In the summer of 2016, Luca Cruzat’s work has appeared in “Innervisions: New Prints/Summer 2016” (June 16, 2016 – September 24, 2016), at the International Print Center New York, and is part of the exhibit “Her/Hair” (September 12, 2016 – October 7, 2016) at Huff Gallery at Spaulding University, Louisville, Kentucky. Her prints also have been selected for the “Mid America Print Council Members’ Juried Exhibition” (September 30, 2016 – October 15, 2016) at Carnegie Center for Art & History, New Albany, Indiana, in conjunction with the MAPC conference, “Print Matters, Printing Matters.”

In the winter of 2016, Luza Cruzat received a Juror Purchase award while taking part in “Sixty Square Inches: 18th North American Small Print Exhibition” at Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana. Through Karin Weber Gallery of Hong Kong, she also showed her work at the Art House, in Werder/Havel, Germany. At the “10th Critical Art Forum,” organized by Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Luca Cruzat received a 2nd Best in the Show award.

Luza Cruzat began 2015 with a solo show at Harrisburg Library, Harrisburg, Illinois, after which she was invited to be part of the “Late Summer Exhibit” at Sager Braudis Gallery, Columbia, Missouri. In addition, she was selected to show at the “Mid America Print Council Member Exhibition” at Elmhurst College Gallery, Elmhurst, Illinois. Also in 2015, Karin Weber Gallery featured Luca Cruzat’s work at the Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg, Germany. The same gallery presented Luca Cruzat’s work at the 2014 Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong.

Luca Cruzat has lived and worked in Illinois since 1988.

Luca Cruzat Website

Luca Cruzat on Tumblr

Carnegie Center for Art & History

Huff Gallery “Her/Hair” Exhibition

International Print Center New York “Innervisions” Exhibition

Mid America Print Council

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