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Artist Statement

I’m 20 years old, Jewish but not religious, and I grew up in Los Angeles. I create surreal art that incorporates religious imagery, mystical sensationalism, sacred locations, and some psychedelic concepts into collage-art and also into ambient/rock music. I’m influenced by the Middle East, specifically Egypt, Israel, and Turkey, and attempt to fuse archaic forms of art and music indigenous to those areas, simultaneous attaining a modern medium. I’m also influenced by occult magic, ceremony, strange areas (caves, underground settlements, mysterious elements).

Both my art and music are under the name “Vinyl Williams,” although my real name is Lionel Williams. I have a musical family . . . my father was the drummer for Crosby, Stills and Nash, Tina Turner, Air Supply. My grandfather is John Williams, famous film composer.

I believe in a musical phenomenon that I’ve been trying very hard to completely develop . . . I name it “sonic matrices,” which in short, are specific combinations of frequencies that positively affect the body, and can elevate or fluctuate brain waves, blood pressure, and other factors. I try to attain this without making monotonous meditation music.

Lastly, there’s a world of magic and fantasy I have in my head that I’m constantly creating and defining. I hope that the art AND music provide imagery for these surreal landscapes, to venture the mind into certain zone.

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