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About the Artist

One can say without a doubt that Swedish artist Linnea Strid’s forte is painting water in a way that confuses the onlooker as to whether the piece they are looking at is a photograph or a painting. Strid must have studied water in so much depth [mentally, visually, and physically alike] that she knows it inside and out. It seems as if she knows all of its characteristics and behaviors like one would know their best friend. Linnea knows when it moves, how it moves, where it moves, why it moves, and in turn truly moves all people that view her work. (CyanaTrendLand)

From Interview

I get inspired by all sorts of events, many trivialities can become fascinating subjects to me. Sometimes I get obsessed with trying to portray things that I feel no one is noticing. I often try to convey my own emotions and happenings in my own life, but sometimes I escape as far away as possible from myself. This usually happen when I fantasize about macabre, nasty things that I really can’t identify myself with at all. (BroadstreetStudio)

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