Liam Gerrard

Artist Bio

Liam Gerrard is an Auckland based artist and illustrator, born and raised on the unforgiving streets of Devonport’s notorious Stanley Bay region.

Adept in a range of styles and media (well, two maybe), Liam works predominantly in portraiture, casting an unflinching and unflattering eye across some of humankind and nature’s more peripheral characters. His work consistently deals with ideas of realism, beauty and the grotesque, and how these things present themselves in the everyday people and world around us. There just ain’t no denying it.

Liam is also an accomplished musician, spending nearly three years within the ranks of road-hardened international art-rock beat combo The Veils before departing the group in 2007 to concentrate on his own artistic endeavours.

During his lengthy bouts of spare time Liam enjoys listening to heavy metal rock music, playing social grade soccer and basketball, keeping up to date with the world of professional wrestling, and low stakes sports gambling.

Liam graduated from Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts in 2009.

Liam Gerrard’s Website

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