Kurt Herrmann

Artist Bio

Kurt Herrman has exhibited nationally and internationally since graduating from Lock Haven University in 1995. He has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums including Yard Dog Gallery (Austin, TX), Rosenfeld Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), Perry Milou Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), Alysia Duckler Gallery (Portland, OR), 1300 Gallery (Cleveland, OH), Omaha Center For Contemporary Art  (Omaha NE),   ARTEXPO at the Javits Center (NY, NY), Cleveland International Airport (Cleveland, OH), and at the Woolsan Cultural Art Center (South Korea).  Most recently he had a solo exhibition at the Shoom Gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in a small town in central Pennsylvania where the landscape, seasons, and wildlife profoundly influenced who I am and what I do. These elements possess infinite mood, and are ever changing in feel, look and sound.  By the time I graduated from college in 1995 I was painting every day. Painting, like everything else has few absolutes – dead right can be dead wrong, beautiful can be grotesque, stupid can be sublime, and funny can be terrifying – all at the same time.  My paintings don’t represent anything, they are themselves – the way a song is a song and the sky is the sky.

Kurt Herrmann’s Website

Kurt Herrmann on Yard Dog Gallery