Kristopher H

escapeintolife KrisH 1The Tri-Coloured City of the Sky, 2008

escapeintolife krisH2The Character of Hong Kong, 201o

escapeintolife KrisH3The Creature, 2010

escapeintolife KrishH4 The Spirit of Earth, 2009

escapeintolife KrisH5Dark Inspiration Part I – The Soul Eater, 2010

escapeintolife KrishH6The Golden Memory – The Tree of Sky, 2010

escapeintolife KRISH7The City of Aqua, 2009

escapeintolife KrsiH8The Ship, 2009

escapeintolife KrisH9The Whale City, 2009

escapeintolife KrisH10The Train, 2010

Artist Statement

Iblard –  A personal project which has been on- going since 2007.

Through exploring my own feelings and identity in this project. I am creating an imaginative space named “Iblard”, inspired by japanese painter Naohisa Inoue’s painting. An imaginative space which everyone possessed and yet trying to running away from. A space about imagination and possibilities. As we are growing old, not just our bodies, but also our hearts are getting old. I aim to preserve our soul from being aged, at the same time, reminding people of their own childhood. “Iblard” is a sacred land where everyone can become a kid once again, to explore and experience the joy of being part of the world and possibilities are infinite.

About the Artist

Born in Hong Kong, 1986.

Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2009.

Studied BA Graphic Design, specialised in illustration.

“My mum gave me a piece of paper and a pen to draw when I was young…… because I talked too much”

Kristopher H’s Website

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