Kirra Jamison

Surrender Star, gouache and vinyl on paper, 152 x 112 cm.

Last Star, acrylic, gouache, pen, and vinyl on canvas, 185 x 153 cm.

Can You See My Aura?, acrylic, gouache, pen on canvas, 220 x 183 cm.

Making The Morning Last, gouache and vinyl on paper, 160 x 114 cm

Harper’s Desert, acrylic, gouache, and pen polyester, 185 x 152 cm.

Thriller, acrylic, pen, gouache and vinyl on canvas, 198 x 198 cm.

Belong To Me (after Deluany), acrylic, gouache, pen on canvas, 220 x 183 cm.

Spirit Is A Bone I, acrylic, gouache, pen and vinyl on polyester, 185 x 152 cm.

Kirra Jamison cultivates ideas. Initial kernels of intuition germinate into lines, forms and patterns that branch and weave and interlay the picture plane with snatches of narrative. Floating amongst the fragments of decorative motif and patterning, vignettes of everyday experience emerge and inveigle the viewer with abundant possibilities of meaning. Harmonious or chaotic, repeated or disrupted, Jamison’s use of patterns and images dismantles cultural boundaries, blurring the divide between high and low art, the East and the West, the past and the present.

Her painted surfaces freely employ a wide range of expressive techniques, combining found and decorative elements with individual gesture to produce seductively unsettling and unnatural fusions.

Kirra Jamison’s Website

Kirra Jamison at Jan Murphy Gallery

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