Kheoh Yee Wei

I’ve never met Kheoh Yee Wei, but this afternoon, looking through hundreds of his photos, I had the pleasure of getting to know his world. Kheoh Yee Wei is a street photographer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is both sensitive to the world around him, the poverty and suffering, and equally capable of an intellectual appreciation of beauty and abstraction in visual art. Wei is a well-rounded individual and one can tell merely by the photos he takes. What’s fascinating about Wei’s portfolio is the breadth of the work he does, from purely aesthetic shots such as silhouettes and landscapes, to social documentary photography, to beautiful abstracts and quirky, seemingly-random shots.

Kheoh Yee Wei’s Portfolio

Thanks to Bitte Ein Kuss for finding this artist!

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  1. These photos are wow stuff, great qulaity, excellent intro.

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