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Artist Bio

Beginning his love for art as a child with drawings of mack trucks, Star Wars battle scenes and torturing his 2nd grade teacher by instigating contests of who could write the smallest on their homework, Kevin Earl Taylor has always had a sense of humor and creativity to his passion. Even with a B.F.A. from The Savannah College of Art and Design, Taylor finds that his daily discipline of drawing all day, everyday while working his 9-5 job, for the past two years has pushed him to create and grow in his art more than anything else. Originally from Charleston South Carolina, Taylor felt there was essentially no galleries that might show his edgy, underground art. Instead, he started painting on paper and mounting them on plywood walls around the city. Whether you scored one of thecity maps with X’s at the locations of his anonymous art or you stumbled upon a piece on a corner, his art was getting noticed. People started to find out who he was and quickly developed a following in Charleston. With a drive to build something out of nothing, his art venture eventually led to a gallery opening.

Moving from South Carolina to San Francisco has been an inspiring transition. Drawing creativity by the surroundings of great art and music, where too many people are continually raising the bar, Taylor finds drive to progress and push farther in his paintings. “It’s never good enough, and hopefully it never is good enough. I just want to keep being frustrated for as long as possible because that’s what brings out the new shit. It’s the fact that you aren’t satisfied.”  (bio)

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