Kerry Irvine


Birds in Paradise, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 in

Floating Matters, acrylic and oil stick on linen, 42 x 48 in

As a child, I was given the gift of art from my late mother. Following in her footsteps, I chose the paintbrush as my primary tool. She encouraged me to look deeply into the world around me and put to canvas whatever I saw. I tended to see a world infused with color, light, motion and a bit of mysticism.

Tree of Life, acrylic-oil stick on canvas, 36 x 48 in

Growing up on Long Island surrounded by water, I could not help but be moved by nature and all of its gifts. The mystery of the ever changing landscape intrigues and inspires me. I have realized that both consciously and unconsciously, I am always recording color and form. When I look out I see lines and shapes dancing to the rhythm of color.

Shift and Shade, acrylic on canvas, 42 x 48 in

Be it by the human figure or color fields in the landscape, I am constantly inspired by what I see and feel. When I paint I rely on instinct and an inner voice. At times I find myself working as if in a dream state, neither awake nor asleep, and not quite sure how I have arrived at “The End” when I do.

Cherry Blossom Freeze, acrylic-gouache-oil stick on linen, 36 x 48 in

While translating my vision with color and line, my hope is to inspire and evoke a range of emotions. I am telling my story but it is the beholders story too. They have the option to expand upon it, fill in the blanks and make it their own.

Pieces of Me, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 48 in

Through personal experience and observation I have come to believe that art can heal. It can nourish, give strength and provide you with a voice when you need it most. No matter where the journey of life brings you, together with art, it is possible to conquer all.

Midnight in the Garden, acrylic-gouache-oil stick on linen,  48 x 63 in

Koi Pond, acrylic-gouache-oil stick on linen, 40 x 46 in

Artist Bio

Kerry Irvine is an abstract expressionist artist. She works with color and form – often calling on nature, landscape and the human figure to inspire her work. Growing up on Long Island provided her with the many rich visuals so prevalent in her work.

Earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from CW Post Long Island
University, she studied painting with the esteemed Stan Brodsky. After graduation, her desire to be a full time artist was put on hold as she began her alternative profession in the world of fashion and advertising.

While building her career as a stylist in the advertising department of Ralph Lauren, she simultaneously studied painting at The Student Art League of New York. Here, her work continued to evolve and mature. No matter where her job took her, painting was never far from her mind or heart.

Kerry left Ralph Lauren in 2001 to pursue a freelance styling career. This new freedom also allowed her the flexibility to concentrate on painting and grow as an artist. Joyfully, painting would now play a stronger role in her day-to-day life.

She is currently living, working and painting passionately in the West Village of Manhattan.

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